May 29,1017

OMG you did it! Great game! Ductrituyhoa Team has won the Friendship Basketball Tournament on May 27, 2017. It was one of the most exciting games ever. Congratulations to all players and captain of Ductri Basketball teams! What an awesome game! Your hard work and determination earned you a well-deserved CHAMPIONSHIP Trophy!

You have made history! This is the first time our team has won championship. What made it even more special is our Young Team has won by a big margin: 69 to 41! As for our Senior Team, you are equally impressive. You are in third place just because of a technical error not related to the game. Therefore, we believe that you could have won first place as well.

We are so proud of you all. On behalf of Ductri Tuyhoa Association, I would like to thank all players for your hard work, our team captain Tommy Phung for recruiting and coordinating all the practices, and lastly, our cheer leaders and fans for your utmost support. We would also like to thank the organizer of the game: Khai Minh Nha Trang Alumni for planning and executing of a wonderful event.

Kathy Banh, President

美國綏和華裔 、 德智校友聯誼會

On Sunday, January 1, 2017, Binh Dinh Association  hosted a basketball tournament planning meeting attended by Khai Minh Alumni, Saigon, and Ductri Tuyhoa Alumni representative. Thanks anh Phong and the rest of Binh Dinh members for providing delicious food for all who were present. After the meeting we also sang karaoke together.