8/17/15 FB Post It had been nice and cool for several weeks until our camping day. The temperature rise to upper 90 degree on Friday and exceeded 100 on Saturday and Sunday....too too hot. On Saturday morning we took a boat ride on Cachuma Lake and then took a side trip to the casino nearby to escape the heat in the afternoon. At the camp, there were Karaoke and one-man-band in the evening 'til mid-night on both nights. It was too hot but so fun. Thumps up for the organizers Hung Quoc Ta, anh Loc, and anh Yee and other wonderful people who planned the trip.

Kathy Banh

8/20/15 Hello anh Loc, anh Yee and Hung,
My family and friends would like to thank you all for such a fantastic camping trip. We really admire your energy and enthusiasm in planning and executing the event. Although it’s a camping trip, the highlight was still the band, karaoke, and dances. I felt as if we were attending a concert. I told my kids that they went to the Burning Man Concert, we went to the sizzling Live Oak Camp show. It was worth the two-month of packing and a week of unpacking….Minh is still unpacking!

By the way, thanks for the celebration of our 28th anniversary. It was quite special!
Thanks again!

Hi Hung !!
Camping Lan nay vui lam,ca hat nhay mua chup hinh day du tiet muc,cac ban duoc vui cuoi ,hoi ngo ban be,an uong chuyen tro thau dem,con duoc vui choi o Cachuma lake Marina di du thuyen voi ao thun uniform mau cam mau xanh lam sang choi,ruc ro voi nui rung song bien..Hinh chup rat la dep nho mau cam moi bat....xem lai may doan quay video rat la vui that hay that song dong .
Nho cac ban KM to chuc cuoi cam trai nay nen chung ta co nhung ngay vui day ky niem ..,,rat cam on ..


Camping Program

大自然的歡呼—Friendship Camping Trip
Day 1 Friday, 08/14/15
12:00pm 報到(check in)
1:00pm搭建帳篷 (setup tent)
4:00pm準備野炊 (prepare dinner by each group)
6:00pm 體驗戶外美味晚餐 (dinner time)
7:00pm叢林演唱會—歌星齊齊唱 (all you can sing & dance)
9:00pm荒野狂人派對--大家一起來跳舞(crazy party)
10:00pm:星夜漫遊 (night adventure with flash light) go in 2 difference direction
11:00pm: 圍爐夜談 (nhậu lai rai) light food, tea & wine tasting serve by organizers
12 :00am :美夢晚安 (sweet night sleep in forest)

Day 2 Saturday, 08/15/15
5:00am: 早間唤醒morning call
6:00am: 集合百人輕鬆早操 (Morning exercisers & hiking)
7:00am: 清晨美味早餐 (Breakfast prepare by each group)
9:00am: 水上活動 (Water activities - optional)
12:00pm: 豐盛午餐(Lunch prepare by each group)
1:00pm: 休閒聊天 ,戶外活動 (四色牌,十三張,麻雀, line dance, karaoke..)
4:00pm: 準備晚餐野炊樂 (Prepare dinner by each group)
5:00pm: 共進美味晚餐 (Dinner together)
7:00pm: 頒獎 (Issue award)
8:00pm閉幕大狂歡--妙妙妙(Ending ceremony crazy party)
10:00pm港式大牌檔、甜點、宵夜大合并(Supper serve by organizer) 11:00pm finish
12:00am : 星空下晚安(Wonder dream night)

Day 3 Sun, 08/16/15
8:00am早間唤醒(Morning call)
9:00am:美味早餐 (Farewell breakfast prepare by each group)
10:00am : 收拾帳篷,清潔場地,朋友大合照 (Pack up tent, clean up campsite)
11:00pm: 拔營完畢並離場Check out
12:00pm : CHUMASH Casino, (there is buffet and food service in the casino)
3:00pm: 觀光Solvang Northern European’s Beautiful Downtown (optional)

Live Oak Camp 8/14/15 - 8/16/15 

美國綏和華裔 、 德智校友聯誼會