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Our 2011 Summer Vacation


As of June 22, 2011, there are over 25 alumni booking the Summer vacation together to Cancun, from July 30 through August 04, 2011.  This luxury Cancun vacation package deal is very reasonable and affortable.  If you are interested in joining please let us know ASAP before it's too late.  For detailed information, click on the photo or contact Tanya Han (韓雪香) at (909)630-6961.




A Short Note From Bac Han

Hi All Good Friends,

How are you all this morning?  Is everything ok?  I believe you all have a great long weekend with family and friends.


I'd like to share with you all that we, 9 people have just booked our Cancun trip and will be flying with Paul Chau and Jennifer Chau on the same schedule.  Thank you Tanya for asking us to join you.  I strongly believe this will be a fantastic trip in our lifetime.


It is still a very good deal on this particular luxury tr

ip with an awesome low price.  So for those who are still in considering of joining us, I strongly encourage and excitedly recommend that you do not hesitate to convince your family to go for it, because life is impermanence as you all  are aware of, and this is an extremely rare opportunity in our lifetime to be together for 6 days/5 nights long swimming, buffeting, dining, rock & rolling every single night, chatting, playing and laughing etc.  It will be a marvelous memorable trip and lasting forever for the rest our lives.


Friendship doubles your joys, and divides your sorrows.

 ~ Unknown ~


Thank you all and have a great one day at a time,


Bac Han

June 1, 2011



Hello All Good Friends,


How has everyone been?  Is everything ok?  I have been overwhelmed with the exciting feelings about this Cancun trip; therefore, I am in a good mood of writing something to share with all of you J.

Since life is a little bit boring, due to the economy still in the recession period, I am very excited about this Cancun trip.  That is because I have not been there and have not had a chance to travel that far for a long, long time, especially with so many good friends like all of you.  I prefer to prepare myself in advance for this exciting vacation; therefore, please join me in taking a pre-trip, which is called a mental vacation to Cancun first JJJ.


Let's unload your busy mind with all the troubles of our daily activities, kick back and relax yourself.  Let's start our first day by exercising in the early morning on a treadmill or any equipment that you prefer, or we can play tennis, ping pong and basketball, then head to the breakfast buffet with hot coffee, tomato juice, orange juice, milk, etc…  After breakfast, let's visualize you are now laying on the white sand, beautiful beach under the sun in a very peaceful environment with your loved ones.  Cold beer, fruit juices or any drink, which is all-inclusive free drinks, are in your hands, chatting, laughing together with all good friends, keeping smiles on your faces at all times with high degree of satisfaction and appreciation of life.  Once in awhile, when you feel hot, hot, hot, you can jump into the cool water and immerse yourself in transparent water that you can see clearly with a variety of colorful fish along with shells, small rocks and green leaves at the bottom of the ocean without wearing goggles.  Wow, what a fantastic scene under the water.  It's a wonderful world down here.  What a fantastic feeling!  Are you swimming and diving along with me?  Are you feeling as good as I am feeling right now my good friends?  I bet you would JJJ.


All-inclusive package also comes with non-motorized water sports, such as kayaking and water biking, which I would love to have a race game with a group.  We will definitely feel great and hungry after rowing kayaks at such a beautiful beach.  Are we having fun so far J?


Whenever we feel too hot to swim under the sun or got sun-burned, the hotel also has  many elegant swimming pools.  Wow! We have been swimming the whole morning, are you starving yet? Let's go to the buffet now everyone.  They have variety of delicious food; seafood, American, Mexican, Italian, etc.  Cancun is an international vacation place; therefore, they also have Chinese food; it's amazing.  It's needless to say, they also have all kind of drinks; you can name it J.  Buffet is served during breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we can reserve to dine in a fancy restaurant too. In addition to it, we can eat 24/7.  It's alright to allow yourself to gain 5 to 10 lbs after this fabulous trip; don't worry about it J.  We'll be in good shape again J.


They also have games for children and arcade games as well; I love to play arcade games also, it's free, no additional charge.  The facility is very safe for children to play and hang around and the people here are so nice and the service is excellent.  How is your day so far?  Are you ready to rock & roll in the evening, since they have a live band every night playing Spanish & English music with salsa, cha-cha, rumba, soul, etc…  Just relax and enjoy as much as you can all good friends!  It's your vacation, so remember to forget everything in our daily boring activities back home and unwind your mind.  Just come up and dance as much as you feel like it, ok!  The more you shake it, the more you make it J.


We must be tired by now after a whole day full of activity.  Let's set up ourselves with a good night sleep and restore our energy for more fun tomorrow.  6 days in a row my good friends! What a wonderful feeling!


Anyways, I hope you enjoy a pre- trip as much as I do before a real vacation takes place J.


Thank you all, 



June 7, 2011

SUMMARY OF OUR CANCUN TRIP: There were 25 of us on this trip to Cancun. Since we have booked at different time, we have 4 different flight schedules. North Cal group came first, and then Kathy and Tanya's families came next. The last group was Chau and Nga arrived late due to flight delay. Thanks Paul for staying behind at the airport for around eight hours to meet up and bring them to the hotel.

It was an all-inclusive vacation package that included flight, room, food, and even drinks! Our daily activities were early morning on the beach, buffet breakfast, pool time, buffet lunch, indoor games during the hot afternoon, formal dinner, show, disco, and for some, the romantic walk on the beach at night. On the last day, some of group took a shuttle to tour downtown Cancun, the rest stayed behind and relaxed on the beach under the shade, of course.

Thanks Tanya for organizing the amazing trip. It was so nice to have Paul's family with us. He was like our personal photographer who captured all the memorable moments. Paula was so entertaining with her dating story. Hung always had some fun ideas to keep us occupied. We even had a celebrity in the group – Simon Chen who perform Michael Jackson on-stage.

It was a fantastic trip that gave us the opportunity to bond with one another over 6 days. We hope to travel together again soon.

Kathy Banh


Cancun Trip
7-30-2011 Through 8-4-2011



生活在城市裡的人,物質需求高,生活繁忙,很少有機會接觸到大自然,今年夏日炎炎悶熱,所以朋友決定在這 個夏天去南美墨西哥海城避暑,大家都興高採烈抓住這個好機會,由其是和一班好朋友旅遊那似乎更是難得。

墨西哥是個文化歷史猶久,獨具特色的國家,也是風光旖旎的夏日度假聖地, Cancun可謂是首選,這裡有溫馨舒適,美麗奪人的旅館,美輪美奐的海灘,還有美味可口的南美食物,可謂是 旅遊的樂園,大自然賦予它的充沛資源被充分利用,卻畢竟還沒有親眼目睹,這些體驗是要置身其中。

七月卅一日早上六點,我們北加州一夥乘坐美國航空飛往墨西哥,中途停 Phoenix機場,全程須六個鐘頭,底達墨西哥境內已是下午四時,我們在機場排隊等辦理入境手續。從機場出來 時,才感到這裡的天氣酷暑難耐,讓人喘不過氣來,旅行社已按排好車接應我們回Princess resort旅遊鄉,辦完登記入住手續已是下午六時。回房間放下行旅後,我們迫不及待往旅遊鄉內目助餐廳,先把 空了一整天的肚子填滿,數百種美食當前,我們食指大動,各種佳餚菜式,熱氣騰騰,香味噴噴,令我們食慾大 開,爽口的啤酒,紅酒,烈酒,可口的雞尾酒,任君選飲,真是難以「住口」(下次要請毛老師來)​​。吃畢,我們到處 散步參觀,差不多九點,南加州的朋友才到,當然,以先到之誼,我們倍他們再次光顧目助餐廳,我彷彿感到在 這第一天裡我己重了兩磅。

第二天,凌晨五點多,睡意正濃,我被床頭的電話吵醒,大家約定海灘見面,千萬個不願意,因為昨天的行程太 累了,但還是起身出行,這時天還微微光,清晨非常寧靜,一切都還沒甦醒,我帶著沉重的腳步走向海灘。當海 洋展現在我面前的時候,我已經驚呆了,看見置身晨曦中的大海,喜悅不知不覺從心裡溢出,清晨的海風溫柔 地吹醒我的睡意,帶給我滿滿的舒適,遠眺彩霞波渺下的海洋,籠罩著一層淡淡的霧,海水粼粼耀閃,隨波遙送 ,白雲在晨曙中蘊上了金色的外衣,幾隻低飛的海鷗在海上迴旋飛翔,像似一幅剛由上帝傑著的彩色圖畫,讓 人感到像是置身於神話世界之中。自然景色的神奇變幻,充滿魅力,我感到大自然的美妙與宇宙的奧秘,不由 得讓我從心底裡激動起來,多少感觸猶如濃厚的雲霧一般,浮現出種種微妙的思索,沙灘上極目瞭望無際的大 海,發現遠方的海是深籃的,但近岸的海水即像寶石一樣閃閃碧綠。這裡有著清澈溫暖的海水,沙也挺細的,幾 位朋友早在那裡等候著,大家站在潔白的沙灘上任海浪拍打我們的雙腳。

六點多,太陽剛昇出海面,溫柔的晨光透過白雲灑在我們的肩膀上,碧綠的大海濺起細細浪花,柔柔的打在臉 上,遼闊寧靜的沙灘,浪聲柔和的節拍,在這浪漫的環境下,朋友興致勃勃踏著柔細的白沙翻翻起舞,沉醉在深 情夢幻中。各位女士換上清涼的比基尼,她們除了擦防晒油,也戴遮陽帽外,還加上了大黑色太陽鏡,大家像魚 兒一樣泡在溫暖的水裡嬉戲遊玩,隨浪漂浮,海水不深,跑到很遠海水才齊腰,大家趁著美好的時刻趕著拍照, 女士們繽紛色彩的比基尼跟酷,十分可愛性感,盡顯女生甜美氣息,各位男士也搭配。

拍完照我們沿著海濱走,觀看海邊的風景,臨海很多參天的椰子樹,茂密細長的樹葉參透著點點滴滴的陽光, 沙灘上立了很多好似蘑茹的草篷,供游泳者休息,途中清爽的海風吹送,天空的雲層很底,朵朵雲形成奇形怪 狀的圖案(芽莊海上的雲沒有這種景像,見圖),海灘上人很少,空氣非常清新,全沒有城市的喧囂,灰塵和廢氣 。不久,太陽已經發出猛烈的陽光。海岸已經有很多人在散步及體操,這裡的海景確實非常幽靜美麗,絕對是旅 遊聖地。

海邊回來,我們約了一起吃早餐,然後當然是跳進清涼的游泳池,泳池內準設水上酒吧,我們坐在陰涼的石凳 上,兩腳浸在冰涼的水裡,喝充滿白色泡沫的新鮮啤酒,很爽口,女士們喜歡喝冰涼雞尾酒,真是賽過活「神仙」 ,我們的活動有游泳比賽,潛水比賽,還有水上排球,水中排舞等,我們一邊遊戲,一邊飲啤酒,說到酒,好酒量 的確實應該好好發揮一番,因為在這裡,我們實在完全不須為了架車而擔憂,服務員都很有禮貌,要什麼酒立刻 送到,可能看在小費份上吧。中午時累了,游泳池旁正是目助餐廳,香噴噴的午餐,使我們的肚子開始直打鼓「浪奔, 浪流 ‧‧‧」,來吧,吃個大痛快。

吃完了豐盛美味的午餐,我回乾淨舒適的房間洗了個澡,甜美的睡了一覺, 夢中涼爽的室內冷氣吹走外面的炎熱,非常的舒服。下午我精神煥發的起床,穿著整齊後去找朋友聊天去,這 裡的天氣很奇怪,每天下一陣小驟雨後又停,不過這樣炎熱的天氣變得清涼了很多。

傍晚時,大家準備上高尚餐館吃豐盛的晚餐,這裡有十多間高級餐館,我們品嘗法國,意大利,南美等菜餚,美 味的酒菜,侍者服務態度一流,都讓我們大快朵頤。吃畢,夜幕便降臨,我們去欣賞露天音樂表演,剛開始並不 怎麼樣,直到搖滾歌手上台演出時,才把場面弄的非常高昂,將演出推向高潮,熱鬧非凡。同一時,在前面還有 不同凡響的舞台秀表演,非常精彩。晚上,幾位朋友到海邊散步,欣賞浪漫的海上夜景,夜晚的海比白天更為迷 人,看著滿天閃爍的星星,聆聽著歡快的浪濤聲,任由迎面吹來的習習海風撩亂頭髮,夢幻般的海上夜景都別 有一番滋味。晚上我們還去舞廳跳Disco,有些舞迷的朋友,跳到凌晨兩點才回房休息。

旅遊的最後一天晚上,我們分手前開了個集會,大家都表出今次旅遊非常開心,也很感謝舉辦及按排這次行程 的朋友,還有我們的「攝影師」,他給我們捕捉了精彩又珍貴且有深刻記念價值的相片,會後我們還有特別舞蹈 助興節目(在此特謝四位舞蹈美女)。五天旅遊中,我們情如兄弟姐妹一家人,同吃同進退,一起笑一起愉樂,天 天如此,相處幾天裡,已培養出一段深厚的感情。明天卻要告別這個美麗的地方,大家都回到自己的家,天各一 方,你為你自己的工作忙碌,我有我自己的生活,大家難得一見,所以道別時,大家的內心都哽咽激動,感到格 外依依不捨,希望時間能停在這裡永遠永遠永。




今次南美之旅最具有衝擊力的是一望無際的白沙灘與碧海藍天,我也不會忘記一班很要好的朋友,我覺得自己 真的挺幸運,能夠認識你們,大家熱情和諧,使我們每時每刻都享受溫馨的心情,歡樂的笑聲不段,大家共度美 好時光。

浪漫海濱之旅只有置身其中,才能深刻體驗到那份別具特色的美,如果和三五知己出遊,那種其樂融融的甜蜜 都難以忘懷,大家一起體驗不一樣的活動,這個使我們心曠神怡的歷程,當然也升華了情操,真是一大樂事呀。 不管是老是少,大家都感到身心愉快,這次難忘之旅一定使大家回味無窮。




雖然五天也在旅遊鄉內,每天的日程表差不多一樣,但每個活動介不同,大家覺得非常高興,每一刻都很難忘, 這是同一班好朋友旅遊的好處。

我們一夥二十五人,每天玩在一起,吃在一起,也玩得最忘我,最快樂高興,呼呼啦啦笑得最大聲的一夥人,所 以引起旅遊鄉管理人的注意,最後一天游泳畢,管理人和我們接洽,他們想訪問並把我們的旅遊片段放在網頁 廣告上。很遺憾!我們明天走了!