We are thankful for the donations below:

From: "Banh, Kathy"

Sent: Monday, October 12, 2015 9:35 AM
Subject: RE: Event Summary -2015 Mid-Autumn Festival and Scholarship Award

To Friends and Family,
It’s a success!
Thank you friends and family who had come out and celebrated with us on 9/26/15. Despite the many events that were going on at the same time, the turnout at our Mid-Autumn Festival and Scholarship Award Ceremony was awesome.
We truly appreciate the generosity of our donors and the tremendous helps from our officers and volunteers. The event started with the award ceremony followed by entertainment program with traditional and modern dances. Kids under ten got the lanterns with safe battery lights. The program continued with karaoke and social dance. We even raised $41 during the karaoke session!
It was a fun and meaningful event. Thanks to the generous donors below who have made this program possible.

We have sent out receipt for your tax purpose. Please contact Nick Ngo at 626-287-5532 nickngola@yahoo.com if you have not received it by 10/17/15.
Here are some of the volunteers. Some came to help even they have other events to attend in the same evening:
-        Scholarship application review and approval: Nhu Ai Hang, Tommy Phung
-        Food distribution: An My Banh, Richard Ly, Annie Banh, Nick Ngo, Ai Dao Hang, Hien Ngo, Lien Ai Hang, Quyen Ngoc Han (Chi Di), Chi Huong, Betty Dao, Nhu Ai Hang, Judy Banh, Linda Lam.
-        Photographer: Dan Q. Hang, Jason Su, Hai Phan, and Minh Tu
-        DJ: Chan (John) Thai
-        Stage Decoration: Minh Tu, Dave Tran, Richard Ly, Nick Ngo
-        Reception: Betty Dao, Nhu Ai Hang
-        Donation box and parking sign: Binh Q. Hang
-        MC: Cynthia Banh, Binh Q. Hang, Dave Tran
-        Performers: Donna’s students and Duc Tri Dance Team: Annie Banh, Natalie Tran, Linda Lam, Linda Banh, An My Banh, Natalie Tieu, Natalie Van, and Judy Huong Lam.
-        Design and program coordinator: Kathy Banh
Please see pictureS of the event below. Let me know if you have trouble opening them.
I am looking forward to another year full of fun and festivities. Thank you all.
Kathy Banh, President


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